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SOLD - 5 ha of land with olive and almond trees by a river

Price: €28,500,
Location: Gouveia,

Old watermill to be renovated near Chaves

Price: €30,000,
Location: Chaves,

Water mill with 89 m2 to be renovated and 1,470 m2 of land

Price: €55,000,
Location: Oliveira do Hospital,

Land in Quintal that boarders with the river Alva

Price: €55,000,
Location: Oliveira do Hospital,

Set of houses and mills to be renovated in São Lourenço - Chaves

Price: €61,500,
Location: Chaves,

Farm Sapeira with 9,930 m2 of land and a 2 floored schist house needing some renovation work but habitable

Price: €149,000,
Location: Oliveira do Hospital,

Old olive press with 350 m2 and 9,000 m2 of land

Price: €175,000,
Location: Oliveira do Hospital,

Old watermill that has been restored into festivities centre with 2 more granite stoned houses to be renovated

Price: €250,000,
Location: Oliveira do Hospital,

SOLD - Riverside property with a restored schist stone farmhouse and a schist guest cottage sitting on 14,810 m2 of land

Price: €349,500,
Location: Pampilhosa da Serra,
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