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REDUCED - Farm Tadapa das Almas with 30.000 m2 of land

Listed by Admin .

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Reference: 141
Price: €15,000
Council: Belmonte
District: Castelo Branco
Post code: 6250
Building size in m²: 0
Land size in m²: 30,000
Status: Active

Full description: A very special property, located just outside of a small village called Bendada, which lies halfway between Guarda and Covilha (21 km from each) on the south side of the Serra da Estela mountains. The famous cheese making town of Sabugal is only a 15km drive away though breathtaking scenery. All three cities offer all the city amenities, a university, hospitals, cinemas, libraries, supermarkets etc.

The scenery in this area is spectacular. Only 5km from the farm is the picturesque village of Sortelha which is famous for its castle and historical past. The views over the valleys below here, are just breathtaking. A mere 30km south you also have the Malcata Mountain Range Natural Reserve with its wonderful reservoir.

The farm lies about 1km from Bendada just off the road to Sortelha. From the tar mac road you turn onto a farm track which continues for some 300m to reach another romantic little lane. After following that for another 300 of metres you arrive at the farm, which at first seems bare and disappointing. This, is the bottom part of the property and is quite sandy and dry and some of the young olive trees. But as you enter the property and follow the track up, you start to notice its potential and beauty. It is also very noticeable how calm the property is.

The land is nearly rectangular in shape and lies surrounded by a forest on one side, wild land with lots of big trees on the other two sides and with grazing/agricultural land lower down bordering the track. The rectangle is split up into 5 equal naturally formed platforms, each one a little higher than the next and each one having a border of interesting giant boulders which would lend themselves to making wonderful landscaping material. These levels have all been ploughed and are bare with approx 370 young olive trees that were planted, this in compliance with the rules pertaining to the maintenance of land after receipt of agricultural subsidies.

The olive trees were planted with such a subsidy and carry a 5 year maintenance obligation which has already run for 4.5 years and thus having a further 6 months to go. For every year you harvest the olives, you can claim back approx 1,000 euros. Once the 5 year period has passed you have the right to uproot the olive trees and plant crops if desired. One striking aspect of this farm is the wonderful smell of lavender emitted by the unbelievable amount of lavender bushes which have all grown there naturally.

There is a natural spring which fills up a small lake, but sometimes dries out in during the summer months. Perhaps digging it out a further two metres will increase the water flow and allow it to be full all year around. However there is another spot where weeds grow and the ground is always moist. A borehole here would certainty provide more water.

The designation of the land guarantees that you may build on it and the hardest decision would be on which platform would you build on..... Higher up are the views, but lower down there is one spot where you could build your house on a giant flat boulder.

This property is for someone who wants to be private yet not in an enclosed way being able to enjoy the views without being overlooked. A wonderful property to place a wooden eco home or your secret hide away house for the summer holidays escaping the yearly traffic.

You could derive income from the olive subsidy but also use the unused space to grow your own crops. This area would also appeal to nature loving holidaymakers and also creating wooden accommodation for letting could also be a good idea.

The nearest electricity source is not further than 150m - the cost of bringing the electricity to the property would be approximately € 1,500.

Priced reduced from € 27.500 to € 15.000

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Listed by: Admin .

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